Midland Training Team Manager
“All of the trainers on our team are experienced, nationally-certified, fully-insured, and professional. But more importantly they are also great people. They truly care about helping people improve their quality of life. Each trainer brings different skills and experiences that collectively benefit our clients. We’ve found this team approach to be uniquely effective for beginners and competitive athletes alike.” – Steve Wells

Steve has over 25 years of experience as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and athletic trainer. His style of training is realistic, practical, and quite often humorous. Steve can make ‘newbies’ feel comfortable in the gym and get post-rehab weekend warriors back on the mountain. Read Steve’s Blog: According to Steve

NEW! In addition to personal training, writing and podcasts, Steve has been speaking to groups and corporate members about exercise and nutrition all year. Now you can be a part of his humorous and informative workshops. Check out the schedule here.

Where In The Health Are We? A collection of Steve’s popular health and fitness articles sprinkled with humor and sarcasm. Buy the e-book on Amazon today.

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According to Steve