MidlandFitness_079Brittney is an experienced multi-sport athlete and coach who ‘walks the walk’. With her experience in everything from yoga and boxing to soccer and distance running, Brittney keeps it fresh and motivating. Common side-effects of her workouts include dramatic results and a burning desire to keep at it. Brittney is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer as well as an AFFA Certified Aerobics Instructor. Read Brittney’s Blog: Bite It With Britt

Testimonial: “When I first decided to commit to losing weight. I asked Brittney for advice. She asked what do you usually eat on a daily basis; I said lunch and dinner that is all I have time for. She laughed and said no you need to eat more times a day. I want you to eat 6 times a day and give up one thing in your diet. I took her advice to heart and stuck to the plan of more veggies and protein and even committed to exercise daily at least for 30 minutes a day a little bit is better than none. It has been almost two years now and through Brittney’s mentoring and leading by example I have been able to lose 50 pounds and stay at my ideal weight. Brittney has taken what used to seem like a ‘diet roller coaster’ for me and turned it into a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.” – Alicia Crandell

• ISSA Personal Trainer Certified
• American Heart Association Healthcare Provider CPR & AED
• Performance Nutrition Specialist
• Alternative & Integrative Nutrition Specialist
• Golf Conditioning Specialist

Bite It With Britt