We have the services and amenities that you and your staff need to get results.

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• Friendly and Educated Staff
• Open at 5:30 am
Express Lunchtime Classes
• Locker Rooms with Full Amenities
On-site Chiropractic and Massage
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Lead by example and support health and fitness at your workplace. It will provide an invaluable service for your staff and help to position your company for a strong New Year.

Midland Fitness and Your Company have collaborated to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a membership at Midland Fitness.

Even brief bouts of regular exercise can help you:
• Manage Stress
• Have More Energy
• Get Fewer Injuries

Midland Fitness offers many ways to undo the normal effects of sitting, stress and the repetitive movements.

“Midland Fitness has been an instrumental partner in our quest to provide a healthy work environment for our employees. It has been rewarding to watch our staff take advantage of this benefit.” – Ian Exelbert – COO/Owner Glenwood Insurance Agency

Health and Wellness Topics for Our Corporate Partners

Office Ergonomics
Staff spends much more time working than they do at the gym so it makes sense to train them on proper office ergonomics. Proper sitting, standing and equipment set-up makes a huge long-term effect on the health and productivity of staff. Help office staff reduce fatigue, reduce long-term repetitive stress, and reduce back injuries and pain.

Repetitive Stress Injuries
Tech-Neck, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic Back Pain are all examples of repetitive stress injuries that cost companies millions. Learn to reduce the wear and tear on joints and muscles from repetitive tasks. Repetitive tasks cause more injuries than accidents and cost employers much more according to OSHA. Training staff to recognize and correct their own postural and biomechanical issues has a huge impact.

Proper Lifting Techniques
More people become injured while lifting light objects rather than heavy ones, so technique really matters. Most of us are not taught to lift properly. Learn and practice proper everyday lifting techniques to minimize injuries and fatigue.

Corporate Members

Please support our local corporate members.