There are an astounding number of ways to educate yourself on how to breathe (an autonomic reflex that newborn humans easily master). My opinion is about the same as all the breathing experts: breathe with your diaphragm, take slow, deep breaths, move the abdomen and chest, inhale through the nostrils and out the mouth, exhale on exertion and most importantly, decide on a branded spiritual breathing method.

Most people know how to breathe. They just can’t apply the skill of breathing for many different cultural and environmental factors.

Solution: Reduce the factors that negatively affect breathing and you can save money attending the next “How to Breathe” seminar.

My opinion on the actual factors that make normal breathing scarce in our culture:

Fear: Stress, fear and anxiety, (basically any variation of fear) is the driving force behind most disorders, including poor breathing. We are always ‘on’ as a culture. Always plugged in, always on the go, sleep when you die, more, more, more. It’s the same root cause for most diseases. An insane schedule, bad food, no sleep, lots of alcohol, the list goes on. Fear wears us down partially by making breathing difficult.

Lack of Fitness: Nobody knows how much exercise we require for maximum health, but our physiques often reveal the need. Most of our culture never gets into intense cardio levels (lung burners). It’s difficult to handle exciting and stressful situations when you’re out of shape. The first failure is cardiovascular fitness.

The Bra: How could an elastic, ischemic, compression-tunicate-like device that’s wrapped directly around the lungs possibly do anything to breathing technique? These things don’t affect breathing. They’re FDA approved so they must be a safe, man-made device.

Sucking guts in: This is not fair. There are many poor postural habits that limit breathing, but bras and sucking in guts are absolutely necessary!

Allergies: Allergies are up. I’m holding on to my allergy stocks. There is an allergy for everyone. What do they almost all affect? Breathing. Improve your gut bacteria and reduce your stress levels to manage symptoms unless you are allergic to cardio and health food too.

Intake of Toxins: This is a factor that you can positively affect. You can reduce your intake of toxins to reduce symptoms, many of which affect breathing. This is simple but not easy. I know people who wouldn’t dream of smoking, but also barely exercise and use a steroid inhaler every day and chalk it up to having an ‘illness’. Everyone has their proprietary blend of justifiable toxins for many psychological reasons; just try to limit them.

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