Plantar Stretchar – Created by Steve Wells and available ONLY at Midland Fitness

Plantar Stretchar was developed by Steve Wells [Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer, Strength Coach], because so many people are suffering from plantar fasciitis and related symptoms.

Plantar Stretchar helps you heal yourself from the symptoms of plantar fasciitis and tight, painful calves and feet by rehydrating damaged tissue with direct pressure. Stimulate myofascial and trigger point release to restore function and eliminate pain.

Steve’s Vague Directions:
1. Seated or standing, you have to balance a little to use the Plantar Stretchar so be careful to create a safe environment.
2. Hold onto the handles, get the ball between your foot and the floor.
3. Put pressure directly on the ball with your foot in the seated or standing position.
4. There will be some painful spots and some pain free spots along the bottom of your foot.
5. Put as much pressure on the ball as you can tolerate without tensing up the muscles in your foot.
6. Hold the ball in painful positions for about 30 seconds while you gently move your foot over the pressure.
7. Hold the ball in pain free positions for about 5 seconds.
8. Flex and relax the muscles of your foot over the ball throughout your session for maximum tissue hydration.
9. Repeat this process until you cover the entire plantar fascia of your foot.

Plantar Stretchar can be used as a myofascial and trigger point release tool wherever needed.*

Advanced: Add a stretch*
• Use the ball the same way as directed above.
• In a standing position, stretch and release while on the ball.
• Do this with a straight knee and with a bent knee.

Crazy Advanced:
• Use your Plantar Stretchar to stretch your calf / hamstring complex in any hamstring stretch position.*

The Road Ahead:
* I recommend working with a Midland Fitness Pro Trainer to help you wwwelop a custom routine to maximize the use of your Plantar Stretchar and beyond.

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