Midland Fitness is honored to assist the Bridging Bionics Foundation and Able Bionics USA in helping individuals with neurological challenges.

On July 1, 2016, Bridging Bionics Foundation expanded their outreach through collaborating with Midland Fitness in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. A Galileo® Neuromuscular Tilt Table valued at $20,000 has been placed at Midland Fitness to better serve clients who live from Carbondale to Glenwood Springs, and along the I-70 corridor.

bridging bionicsBridging Bionics Executive Director commented, “We are excited about joining with the trainers at Midland Fitness to assist our clients with mobility impairments to use the Galileo® Tilt Table. The Galileo® Tilt Table was donated to Bridging Bionics Foundation in honor of James Philben, who sadly passed away on March 9 th this year. We are grateful to the Philben family for extending the gift of mobility to others who can benefit from the technology.”

“One of the most fulfilling aspects of this entire initiative is to see that locals from the Roaring Fork Valley participate for next-to-nothing. Our program is fully funded through community support and donations to Bridging Bionics Foundation.”

About Galileo® Vibration Technology

Galileo’s® side-alternating stimulation systems are a powerful whole-body tool that has shown great results providing functional neuromuscular training and recovery. In the last 10 years scientists have also shown that the brain and the spinal cord have the ability to learn and relearn after neural injury with highly repetitive activity based interventions.

Instead of activating the muscles voluntarily, the principle of Galileo® is to evoke involuntary muscle contractions. This happens directly through using the afferent and efferent nervous system to induce thousands of reflexive muscle contractions – all in a matter of minutes.

Select trainers and Therapists at Midland Fitness are trained to show you the benefits of this amazing technology.